Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Minimize or maximize w3m

W3m is console text browser, to minimize w3m use ctrl-z, which stops w3m. Then use bg to put it in background.

Now to bring it back to foreground or maximize it, you need job number w3m is running. bg will also list and assign job number to the task it is putting in background.
Now use fg n to bring a job to foreground, with n being the job number, example: fg 1

Alternatively you can use top or htop to view jobs running in background or their job numbers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

rtorrent lock file

rtorrent exits displaying error message:
Could not lock session directory: "/home/user/rtorrent/.session/" held by user
It usually results from not closing rtorrent properly, or due to abrupt ending of an rtorrent session.

To resolve this, delete the rtorrent.lock file,
Find rtorrent.lock file in rtorrent session directory, to get the location of session directory, see rtorrent config file .rtorrent.rc
cd ~/.rtorrent_session/
remove rtorrent.lock file using rm

Monday, December 29, 2014

We are changing from tech report to tech support!

We here at ffcode are changing from tech reporting and speculations to tech support full-time. There will be occasional tech reporting, but mostly support queries would be added. Tech support is both an area where help is constantly required and problems need fixes all the time. Off we go!