Sunday, April 28, 2013

Google doodle on Alan Turing's 100th Birthday (old post)


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mozilla Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy: Survey

Today is a good day for me, for the company or service i love has been ranked as Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Although people saying about it doesn't immediately validate the rankings but Mozilla is a sort of pioneer, so many session in firefox, makes it all feel great. Thank you Mozilla, thank you team, thank you those who voted, i can only hope they felt things so close, of course an objective study would be more trusting, like say if people like Jacob Appelbaum, or maybe Moxie Marlinspike would have quantified it both qualitatively and objectively. It is still good enough, thanks all!

findings were released today in celebration of an internationally recognized holiday that we at Mozilla look forward to as much as any bank holiday: Data Privacy Day.
more on Moxie's name thing:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jekyll is in active development now

Jekyll -the blog aware, static site generator- by mojombo is in process of changes and is seeing lot of activity on GitHub.
What is Jekyll?
Jekyll is a static site generator which takes simple web site template structure and gives out baked html pages, the input can be markdown, textile or liquid. It can also generate blogs, with posts and external support (Disqus/IntenseDebate) for comments.
more here:
Recently WordPress version 3.5 was released, more here on trac timeline.
Main difference between two blogging engines being wp is dynamic and jekyll is fully static engine, although there is always a pull towards caching and serving static files in wordpress using WP Super Cache, Total Cache, batcache and more.
Thanks to the contributors of both php and ruby communities, we have two leading blogging engines in wp and jekyll, both have good foundations and followers. To me both are rivals of sorts, with jekyll taking more in personal albeit tech sites and wordpress, more in commercial sites. both have good bases built around them, with jekyll having github pages and WordPress has
Thanks to ruby and php communities.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Evan Williams on Jeffrey Zeldman's The Big Web Show